Shoes that get people talking.

We're Max & Liz, and we love to travel. It's that love that brought Wanderwells to life.

But the thing we love more than travel? Bringing people together.

Wanderwells are designed to do just that. We started looking for shoes that celebrate the big trips and the every day journeys. Shoes that were a little rebellious, and very playful. Shoes that added color to every outfit and smiles to each day. Shoes that started conversations and got people talking. So that's what we built.

Some of the most memorable places our Wanderwell's have sparked conversations? The bullet trains of Japan. Favorite coffee shops & local bars. Beaches of Miami, rocky shores of Maine. The cobblestones of Europe. Grocery stores & gas stations.

We're eager to hear where your Wanderwells take you. We hope they'll spark conversation, friendship & adventure.

Join Us

Our mission is simple:

To open up the world to more joy and color— taking steps to celebrate each others’ cultures and show that more connects us than divides us.

We’re here to brighten people’s days with a pop of color and hit of the exotic, spreading happiness and an inquisitive, open mindset. We hope to one day be a brand people recognize as expansive, inclusive, and wondrous.

Our mantra is boldly explore the world around you and bring back what you’ve learned.

Join us, and together we will Wanderwell.

What's in a name?

We're all wanderers. Some of us wander to the furthest corners of the earth, others to the furthest corners of our minds. What connects us is a love of exploration and a deep appreciation for our beautiful world.

We’re named after Aloha Wanderwell — “The World’s Most Widely Traveled Girl”.

An international explorer and filmmaker, Aloha Wanderwell was the first woman to circumnavigate the globe in a Ford 1918 Model T. She began her unique journey in 1922 when she was just 16, traveling 380,000 miles across 80 countries.

She was a pioneer at a time when this kind of travel was unheard of for a woman.

We take inspiration from Aloha Wanderwell and her intrepid, rebellious, and adventurous spirit.

"Embrace every adventure with shoes meant for endless wear—washable, lovable, indispensable."

Made For You

We are made for you. The adventure-lovers who straddle worlds and don’t take themselves (or their fashion) too seriously.

Scale the mountain, splash in the puddles, stroll through the grocery store aisles, jump in the dunes, or sip a beer at the neighborhood bar. Wherever your adventures take you, we'll be there.

Wanderwell is the culturally-inspired footwear brand that makes the most comfortable, colorful, and conversation-worthy shoes in the world — opening eyes, expanding minds, and warming hearts with every respectfully crafted design.

Wanderwells on your feet, smile on your face.